Investing nail making plant in Africa

How much profit investing a small nail making plant in Africa? How Much Can I Make by Investing a Small Nail Making Plant in Africa? Every client cares about it very much. This is the regular questions for new clients who first asking.

Analysis of nail making plant investment background

How much profit investing in a nail making plant in Africa? In November 2019, the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA) released the “Infrastructure Financing Trends in Africa 2018”, which pointed out that from 2016 to 2018, infrastructure financing in Africa increased by 24% year-on-year. It exceeded 100 billion US dollars for the first time, reaching 100.8 billion US dollars.

Analysis of return on investment of nail making machine

This shows that Africa’s infrastructure investment prospects are vast, and as the most widely used infrastructure consumable material, the market demand for nails is great. Even if a small nail manufacturing and processing plant is invested in Africa, the return on investment is very good.

Nail making machine

Usually, we choose a Z94 series wire nail making machine to produce nails and start our investment by Z94-4c nail making machine. Because it is a very popular, mature, and stable nail making machine in the African market, and has a very competitive price advantage. It is the most popular machine in the African nail-making plant and factory. In Nigeria, Kenya, and other countries, the Z94 series nail making machine has a very good market share.

Z94 series nail making machine can produce nails of various specifications, from 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 2 inch, 2.5 inch to 10 inch. It can manufacture ordinary wire nails, roof nails, concrete nails and other nails, and can also be used with nail coiling machine to produce nail coils for nail guns.

  • Buying a nail making machine for 1-inch nails, the cost is about $2000–2500 /set.
  • Buying a nail making machine for 2.5-3 inch nails, the cost is about $5000-6000/set.
  • Purchase a nail making machine for 4-10 inch nails, the cost is about $7000-9000/set.

Raw materials

It is recommended to use Q195 low carbon wire as the raw material for ordinary nails. Nail-making wire can be purchased from the local market or from China. The current Shanghai FOB price is about US$500-550 per ton.

We know, the raw materials of nails making wire in Kenya you cant get. No steel company, no wholesales, no importers. So here is our solution for you about Nail making machine for African countries

  • Normally, you can buy from the local market or steel company.
  • If they can sell low carbon iron wire rod Q195,6.5mm/5.5mm. You can buy and use a wire drawing machine to draw to the thickness you need.
  • If better, you can get the thickness nails making wire you need.
  • And if local no wire rod and nails making wire, better import from China for any type of them.
  • What should import, depend on how is the quantity you want to produce daily output.
  • If quantity not much, you can just import nails making wire.
  • But if your quantity huge, better buy a wire drawing machine to draw for yourself using.
  • Then you can start a Fully automatic nail making machine imported from China and South Korea to make nails. To learn more about Nail making machine for African countries.

The first foto is a Q195 steel wire rod, which imported to African countries, like Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, etc. Q195 WIRE ROD USED AS RAW MATERIAL TO MAKE NAILS.

The second foto, nail making wire is the raw material for producing common iron nails. Generally, it’s recommended to go for the Q195 low carbon wire. This costs about FOB Tianjin USD500-550 per tonne.

Supporting equipment: Drawing Machine

If you need to make a large amount of nails, you can consider buying a wire drawing machine to stretch the 6.5mm Q195 wire to the thickness that the nail making machine can use, and then start the nail making business.

If the quantity is not large, the wire used for nail making can be purchased directly into the nail making machine for processing.

Basically, one wire drawing machine and one nail making machine can build a small-scale nail making factory to carry out nail making business.

Profit investing a nail making plant in Africa

According to the machine operating for 8 hours a day, deducting production costs and deducting the profit margin of the distributor, the nail making plant can obtain a profit of $70/ton. If you can save costs in the raw material procurement process, the profit of nails is not less than 100-150 US dollars/ton.

Why investing a nail making plant in Africa

Does the nail factory only produce 1 ton of nails every day? Obviously not. Let’s refer to the daily output data report of Z94 series nail making machine.

Technical dataZ94-1CZ94-2CZ94-3CZ94-4CZ94-5CZ94-6C
Max Diameter1.6mm2.8mm3.4mm4.5mm5.5mm6.5mm
Min Diameter0.9mm1.2mm1.8mm2.8mm3.7mm4.5mm
Max Length25mm50mm75mm100mm150mm200mm
Min Length9mm16mm30mm50mm80mm100mm
Design capacity450pcs/min350pcs/min320pcs/min280pcs/min200pcs/min160pcs/min
Motor Power1.5kw2.2kw3kw4kw5.5kw11kw
Overall Dimension1.4*1*1.3m1.6*1.2*1.3m1.8*1.3*1.5m2.1*1.3*1.5m1.4*1.6*1.7m3.2*2.2*2.2m

Refer to the Z94-3C model nail making machine, which can produce 1.5 tons of nails for 8 hours a day, and the income of each ton of nails can be USD 70. Then the profit of a set of Z94-3C nail production line is about 100 dollars a day. So will you invest in a nail making plant in Africa?

SAPREPARTS of Investing a nail making plant in Africa

  • Sharpening dies: this machine is to sharpen the head of steel wire before it is feed into the wire drawing machine, the principle of the drawing machine is that using different size of drawing dies, for example, to draw steel wire of 6.5 mm to 3.8 mm, we can use a drawing die of 3.8mm, sharpen the head of 6.5mm steel wire less than 3.8 mm first, then put the head into the die, then fix the head of the wire to the wire drawing machine, then start pulling. After the wire comes through the die, all the wire becomes a diameter of 3.8mm.
  • Nail knife grinder: because after 1-2 days of cutting, the nail knife installed on the African nail making machines will become blunt, then you can use the nail knife grinder to grind the nail knife to make it sharp again.
  • Gripping Dies: Machines are provided with round dies having 8 or 10 nail holding grooves
  • Cutting Die: For cutting nails and making point after the head & shank are formed Diamond, Chisel, Round, Long or Blunt shaped Points can be made by grinding the tools appropriately
  • Header Dies: Used for forming a nailhead Chequered or Plain Heads can be formed with these dies
  • Nail Cutter and Die Grinder (supplied with a motor, Emery wheels, and Pedestal Stand)
  • Optional Accessories: Additional sets of Tooling (Set of Gripping Dies, Cutting Tools, and Header Dies)
  • Standard Accessories: Electric Motor, Starter, Belts, One set of Tooling, Wire Stand and Hand Operated Lubricating Pump

AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT FOR Investing a nail making plant in Africa

  • Punch pin and nail Moulds.
  • Connecting welding machine: in case the wire breaks during drawing, you can use the butt welding machine to weld the broken wire together, then continue the drawing. without this machine, if the wire breaks, you need to sharpen the wire head again and do all things from the start.
  • Nail Polishing Drums (with a motor, starter, and belts)


How to buy a nail making machine

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