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Introduction of Rebar Steel Deformed Concrete Reinforcing Welded Wire Mesh

Steel Reinforcement welded wire mesh panels are made of ribbed steel bars bonded via spot welding for slab and wall constructions.

Ribbed steel rod used can improve bonding to the concrete and minimize any concrete cracking that may occur as a result of concrete shrinkage.

Also the feature enables the ribbed steel weld mesh widely used as building materials for block slab structure reinforcing.

Meanwhile, hollowed slabs reinforcement, building wall reinforcement and support wall reinforcement.

In practical uses, it is commonly used with bar chairs as supports.

Deformed Concrete Reinforcing Welded wire mesh is also known as concrete welded steel mesh, reinforcing welded wire mesh, by transverse and longitudinal reinforcement bars together.

Rebar Reinforcement mesh is used to provide tensile strength and crack control to structural concrete elements.

10 mm steel bar welded wire mesh


ItemsStd UnitLongitudinal


Cross Wires(mm)Pitch of


Q131Sheet55150 x 15022.4762.091
Q188Sheet66150 x 15032.4013.014
Q221Sheet6.5/5.06.5150 x 15033.7073.136


150 x 15044.2454.116
Q378Sheet8.5/68.5150 x 15066.6595.157

Secondly, Australia and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4671:2001(SIZE:6000X2400mm) 

NumberStd UnitLongitudinal


Edge Wires(mm)Cross Wires(mm)Mass(Kg)
SL81 (F81)Sheet7.6 @ 1007.60 @ 1007.60 @ 100105
SL102 (F102)Sheet9.5  @ 2006.75 @ 1009.50 @ 20080
SL92 (F92)Sheet8.6  @ 2006     @ 1008.60 @ 20066
SL82 (F82)Sheet7.6  @ 2005.37 @ 1007.60 @ 20052
SL72 (F72)Sheet6.75@ 2004.77 @ 1006.75 @ 20041
SL62 (F62)Sheet 6    @ 2004.77 @ 1006    @ 20033
SL52 (F52)Sheet4.77 @ 2004.77 @ 1004.77 @ 20021

In the end, BRITISH STANDARD BS4483 

Ref No.Std UnitLongitudinal


Cross Wires(mm)Pitch of


No. of sheet

per ton

A393Sheet1010200 x 200156.16
A252Sheet88200 x 200223.95
A193Sheet77200 x 200293.02
A142Sheet66200 x 200402.22
A98Sheet55200 x 200571.54

Generally, Concrete Reinforcing Welded mesh is a convenient and economic cost substitutes conventional reinforcement rebar for the following reasons:

  • Welded reinforcing mesh are specified and manufactured according to standard references making for site identification, quality control, and management.
  • Cement mesh in sheets or rolls make site installation process quick and simple.

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