how to test concrete nail quality

Wire drawing machine

  • BEST workshop
  • 200/300kg galvanized wire line pay-off
  • X Xiang high-speed pulley type
  • Wire drawing machine workshop with music, we are different.
  • Loading of wire drawing machine

Nails making plant

  • Brother Strong
  • Ren country Zhang
  • Many machine
  • Anp maozi
  • Shutian Jia
  • Ji David coil nail making machine
  • Brad nail making machine
  • Tan Single nails making machine
  • testing of Z94 nail making machine 3to1
  • Roofing nails making plant
  • Loading of common nails and polishing machine

Aulixiary machine

  • Grinder machine
  • Wire Pointing machine
  • Wire Welding machine

Heat treatment and zinc coating plant

  • Nails Heat treatment plant
  • Black wire annealed furnace boiler
  • Double color Nails Zinc coating plant
  • Galvanized iron wire zinc coating plant

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