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Introduction of Common nails making machine

We have mature experience in the nails making machine. Z94-4C type of nails making machines are very popular in Africa. Meanwhile, we can help you to set up your own nails making manufacture completely.

wire Nails machine can be seperate into different parts.

Structure, wire enter, wire straightener, wire feeder, Die box, Cutter box, Punch pin, hammer, cranshaft, fly wheel, electric motor, start power, auto lubricating pump.


Specification of Z94 series

Modeldiameter of nailslength of nailsDesigned speedMotorDimensionWeight
Z94-1C 0.9-1.6mm 9-25mm 450pcs/min 1.5kw 1.5*1.3*1.1m 1.2tons
Z94-2C 1.2-2.8mm 16-50mm 380pcs/min 2.2kw 1.7*1.3*1.4m 1.45tons
Z94-3C 1.8-3.5mm 30-75mm 320pcs/min 3kw 2.0*1.4*1.4m 1.8tons
Z94-4C 2.8-4.5mm 50-100mm 260pcs/min 4kw 2.2*1.6*1.6m2Tons
Z94-4C (2) 2.8-5mm 50-120mm 260pcs/min4KW2.3*1.6*1.3m2.1Tons
Z94-5.5C 3.8-5.5mm 75-150mm 220pcs/min 5.5kw 2.5*1.8*1.5m 2.3tons
Z94-6C 4-8mm 100-200mm 180pcs/min11KW 3.4*1.9*1.5m5tons
Z94-6A(2) 3-6.5mm 175-400mm 80pcs/min 15kw 3.5*1.9*1.8m8tons
Z94-8A 5-10mm 180-320mm 120pcs/min 22kw 6*2.1*1.9m10tons


  • Wire drawing machine for different thickness nails making wire.
  • Welded machine for connecting two strands wire together.
  • Polishing machine for making iron wire nails more smooth, removing the rust and rags.
  • Grinding Machine for nail knives sharp and knife-edged, keen.
  • Nails mold for shaping nails types.
  • Punch pin for nails head.
  • Gripping Dies to hold nails wire.
  • Cutting dies to make diamond points, round shank,
  • Header dies to make chequered or plain heads.
  • Automatic feeding raw materials.
  • High-Speed to punch nails wire.
  • low Noise when production.
  • Less impact for daily high output.
  • Easy to operate and long service life.
  • Simple and highly efficient.
  • with heads and without heads, headless
  • Tested under the most extreme conditions


Round common iron wrie nails_Clavos_prego

Our advantage in nails making machinery for Africa

  • 20 years in nails making in China.
  • Investing in Africa more than 8 years.
  • Five successful manufactures.
  • Train young workers.
  • Offer Chinese technology.
  • Chinese master waitting in Africa
  • Short time & quick repair.

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Completely introduction for how to setup nails making manufacture.

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