used nail making machine for sale

We have used nail making machine for sale and the second-hand nails making machine.

Used nail making machine for sale

used nail making machine for sale amigo machinery
used nail making machine for saleZ94-1C Automatic nail making machineZ94-2C Automatic nail making machineZ94-3C Automatic nail making machineZ94-4C Automatic nail making machineZ94-5.5C Automatic nail making machine
Max. dia. of nail1.6mm2.8mm3.5mm4.5mm5.5mm
Min. dia. of nail0.9mm1.2mm1.8mm2.8mm3.8mm
Max. Length of nail25mm50mm75mm100mm150mm
Min. length of nail9mm16mm30mm50mm80mm
Motor power1.5kw2.2kw3kw4kw5.5kw
Nail making speed450pcs/min350pcs/min320pcs/min260pcs/min200pcs/min

Features of used nail making machine

  • Used nails making machine for sale is much cheaper than new one.
  • Nail making machine has the features of small in size, easy to move, low noise, low power consumption, 
  • Easy to operate, just need to change different size mould for making different diameter nails, 
  • if you want to make different lengths of nails for same diameter, no need to change anything.
  • Nail making machines can feed the materials automatically, 
  • and making nail body straight, nail points sharp and symmetric, nail caps round. 
  • Each nail made from this used nail making machine is excellent and perfect. 
  • Main components (shaft, cams and gear) of nail machine are made of high quality steel, 
  • and durable in use has good stability. 

4C used automatic wire nail making machine advantage:

  • High operating accuracy,long working life
  • All shafts, cam and other material of main parts are made of high quality steel
  • Multiple lubricating system to make sure the machine runs smoothly
  • Easy to operate and install, used nail making machine for sale
  • working stable, safe and reliable, durable, Low noise
  • 1 years warranty
  • 2 sets mould for free
  • Good after sale service
  • Easy to maintain used nail making machine for sale.

Africa server center:

We have company in Afirca years, also making roofing nails, common nails, black annealed iron wire, galvanized binding wire, hexagonal wire meshbarbed wire, razor wire etc. Related nails making machine and wire making machine, also

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