1.Technical Service

Our in-house experts and engineers are ready for your remedy of troubles all the time. They would be your side whenever you need to check and analyze your problems. And then they will give you practical suggestions and solutions. We can optimize your existed production line and recommend the right parts, update information, or probably potential troubles. You can get to our service via email, telephone, or fax. Now, English and Chinese bilingual language on-line services are available. We will be glad to help you always.

2. Training

AMIGO has an experienced training team. According to the differentiated customer’s request, we will arrange a comprehensive training program respectively to ensure our customer’s staff can operate our NAIL MAKING MACHINE very well. Every specialist who would be the teacher of our training center has adequate know-how, practices, and excellent professional background. Your training program can be achieved at your site or in our training center at HEBEI by our qualified specialists.

3. Spare Parts

We have almost all key parts of our products in stock in urgent cases of your spare parts demand. So that we can deliver it within the shortest reaction time whenever you need it in a simple and fast way. Meanwhile, AMIGO would like to recommend you to purchase our original spare parts. This would keep you profitable Sparepart quality thanks to using original parts, tested by our years of practice. Quickly delivery to minimize your loss as much as possible. Attracting price thanks to our professional and bulk manufacturing. Uniform compatibility thanks to our standardization system.

4.Consultant Services Practical Solutions

We will provide you free consultant services about nail making solutions. You can submit your questions about nail making machine, in 24 hours, you’ll get a suggestion on how to plan the next step.

Meanwhile, we have a news page to update some fresh useful contents about how to use the nail making machine, how to maintain the nail making machine, what is the advantages and drawbacks of different kind nail making machines, and other information about nail making machine.