Demand for nails in Kenya

We can get information about the demand for nails in Kenya from the local market. Common iron wire nail and twisted shank roofing nails are in huge demand. Before we have so many clients import from China. But recently, clients import getting less and less. Just the local start nail production.

Demand for nails in Kenya

It is well known that common iron wire nails are necessary for every family, every factory any manufacturer, and in every industry.

Due to the high developing speed of the construction industry, it creates a huge demand for all building materials. And metal hardware products, especially nails. Also, the market for nails will be bigger and bigger in the future.

What local clients have done?

Many clients find the demand for nails in Kenya is huge, so making nails is a good business opportunity. And have started investing in the nail making business. If can get the raw material from the local market, steel wire (raw material SAE1008). The client can buy a wire drawing machine. Then can reduce the cost of buying readily drawn wire(nails making wire), and can supply the own factory

For example, you can buy 2 or 3 sets nail making machines with the auxiliaries, such as a wire drawing machine, nail polishing drums, etc. Which is making a good profit from this business with an average capacity of 3 tons of nails per day.

Amigo Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional nail-making machine manufacturer in China. With almost 30 years of experience, 10 years in Africa especially. It is a nail making machine manufacturer in the north of China. The main product categories are wire nail making machines, umbrella head roofing nail making machines. Also drywall screw nail making machines, and concrete steel nail making machines. Amigo machinery has further developed and re-designed the new generation of high speed automatic nail making machines and the Z94-C series.

Advantages of nail making machine C series:

  • Very low noise.
  • Auto lubrication of the machine parts.
  • Bearing structure makes the machine more stable working.

Meet the Demand for nails in Kenya

Amigo Machinery has helped clients from over 80 countries. Like Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, Rwanda, Algeria, Nigeria, Congo, Gabon, Angola, Sri Lanka, etc. They are all succeeding in the nail making business. Now our client can meet the demand for nails in Kenya. We offer free training in nail making machines. And provide free consultant service. Looking forward to our cooperation in the near future.

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