Before 2015 we focused on common iron wire nails, roofing nails, galvanized iron wire, black annealed iron wire, barbed wire, razor wire, chain link mesh items for clients. These building materials are very popular in the Mid East and Africa markets.

After 2015, African clients are getting less and less. The reason is that they started to produce in the local market. Firstly, they produce common iron wire nails. Because it’s very easy to produce and the market is very huge. When they acquired the necessary knowledge, they started to make barbed wire and chain-link fence.

Now is Africa Time.


Recently, many industries are transferring to the Mid East and Africa. People getting more and more, the market is bigger than the last decade. If you have interesting, Don’t hesitate further. Catch the right opportunity. You will make a difference for your country.

To help clients start their own business, we built a team which devotes to nail making and mesh weaving solutions. By this, we get more and more support from many friends with years of experience in nail making machines and mesh making machine. We try our best to ensure every feature machines are produced by the most professional person.

What we believe is that

professional people do professional things better.


They can create better quality and efficiency. We hope Amigo can help our customers save much more time and time to get quality feature products in this way.