PVC coated/galvanized chain link mesh

Galvanized chain link mesh also named diamond wire mesh, is woven from high quality steel wire, by a high precision wire netting machine.

Chain link fence with uniform mesh hole, flat surface, beautiful apprearance, great corrosion resistance, long service life.

Classified by the surface treatment

  • Electro galvanized,
  • Hot-dipped,
  • PVC coated,
  • PE,
  • Stainless.

PVC coated Galvanized wire fence

MeshWire DiameterWidthLength
PVC Coated Chain link fence_wire mesh

Galvanized chain link fence

Dimension of Galvanized Chian Link Mesh
MeshWire DiameterWidthLength
Stock of Galvanized chain link fence

Surface treatment of Galvanized chain link fence

Surface Treatment
Surface treatmentMin ZincMax Zinc
Electro Galvanized15g/m225g/ m2
Hot dip galvanized30/ m2366g/m2
PVC/PE Coated400microns1000microns
Chain link fence machine_foto
Round Post
  • Size:40mm,60mm,80mm,100mm or as your request
  • Thickness:1.2mm,1.5mm,2mm or as your request
  • Height:Usually higher 0.5m than chain link fence
  • Surface:Powder coated or pvc coated

The accessories can be PVC coated or Galvanized.

  1. Flat iron:support chain link fence
  2. Brace band:link tensioner & post
  3. Tension band:Link the flat iron & post
  4. Tensioner:secure the line wire
  5. Line wire:Folding the chain link mesh
  6. Tie wire & Stirrup wire:secure the line wire & post and secure the post and the mesh

packing of the chain link fence
Loading containers of galvanized chain link fence_

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