Cost of nail making machine

Here is the information about the Cost of nail making machine. If you want to get a quotation, just tell us how many tons of nails daily output. Then we can know how many sets machines need, which type, and related smaller tools.


The nail making machine line is : iron wire drawing machine, common nails making machine, nail polishing machine and some auxiliary machines, like a grinder.


For the different thicknesses with different lengths, you can check common nail specifications. Nail making machine and wire drawing machines working in Africa factory well, which is using frequency converter.

1-6 inch automatic wire nail making machine best price for Africa. We have different models, designed for different sizes of wire nails. We offer to turn-key-projects of nail making factories all over the world. Your one-stop solution of the nail making business is In AMIGO Machinery!

Cost list of wire nail making machine

length2″-4″1.2″-3″  0.6″-2″0.35″-1″  


  • Common nails are regular to be seen in daily life.
  • It has a big round checked head, which is better for hammer hitting.
  • And the head has a complete edge.
  • The wire nail shank is Smooth and polished well.
  • Cost of common nail making machine for Africa.
  • Shank is very straight, and need polish it then.
  • The tip is very sharp, then the nail is easy to be hit to wood frame and wall.
  • Raw material is low carbon wire rod Q195 or Q235, some use SAE1008.


  • Bearing structure and longer lifetime.
  • Very low noise,the noise will not let people feel uncomfortable . Auto lubrication:just add the lubricant into the small oil tank,then the machine can lubricate machine parts automatically.
  • Nail making machine has the features of small in size, easy to move, low noise, low power consumption,
  • Nails machine is easy to operate, just need to change different size mould for making different thickness nails,
  • For the length of nails, just change the space of the machine moving.
  • Nail making machines can feed the materials automatically,
  • The Feeder of machine can make nail wire body straight before cutting, nail points sharp and symmetric, nail head checked round. Each nail made from this machine is excellent and perfect.
  • Main components (shaft, cams and gear) of nail machine are made of high quality steel, and durable in use, has good stability.
  • Especially, our nail making machine can make the high quality of oil rivet nail and other shaped nails used for high speed welding nail and nail gun.
  • Feature of our nail making machine: Using plunger type structure to ensure the high working speed, low noise, and less chance of impact.
  • It has the features of advanced design, compact conformation, and good type. It is very easy and safe to operate.

1-6 INCH Automatic wire nail making process

The first step is the raw material.

we use the wire drawing machine to draw 6.5mm Q195 wire rod into different thickness/gauge for different sizes nails. The Q195 low carbon iron wire rod is used for nails making. You can import from China directly.

And if you just start, we can supply you nails making wire in different thickness. the thickness will be suitable for your local market.

Next is nails making wire and wire drawing machine.

You can buy one set if your have mature experience. Iron wire drawing machine is a little hard to operate, so the Chinese masters need teach your staff personally if possible. or You can visit our company in Africa to learn.

The Q195 low carbon wire rod each roll is 2-3tons, very heavy. And thickness/diameter are 6.6mm or 5.5mm usually. We use wire drawing machine to draw it into small coils about 250-300kg each coil with different thickness, like 2.2mm, 2.8mm, 3.4mm, 3.8mm, 4.2mm, 4.1mm.

Third, nails making machine.

Nails making machine is automatic, which is easy to operate. Prepare the gauge we need, and put it on the wire holder/ wire reel. Then we take out the head of wire, make it through the machine feeder, up and down, left and right. Until the center of the punch pin. Then we push the wheel of machine to cut wire one piece to test. If going well, then we can start the machine.

In the end, nails polishing machine.

Common nails polishing machine

Some market, clients prefer bright and good looking wire nails. So we need nails polishing machine to polish it. The nail polishing machine can remove the iron dust on the nail surface and we need wax with wood powder in Drum. The time about need 2/3 hours. Sawdust you can get from you local further factory. Good Quality Wire Reel Wire Stand for the Nail Making Machines.

Polishing machineL-1000M-600S-400
capacity1000kg/2 hour 600kg/2 hour 400kg/2 hour 


  1. Nail knife: cut the steel wire into different length such as 30mm, 45mm etc.nail length can be adjusted from 5-150 mm.
  2. Nail mould: To clamp the steel wire for the nail knife to cut.
  3. Pin punch: make nail head.
  4. Dies for wire drawing machine.

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