Iron wire drawing machine

We have different types of Iron wire drawing machines. Some are popular in China, some use for redrawing. The raw materials are Q195 low carbon iron wire rod and 45# and 55# high carbon steel wire rod. We can supply you Black annealed wire drawing machine and Galvanized iron wire drawing machine, also an ms iron wire making machine for nails.


How many kinds of IRON wire drawing machine?

Old-fashioned pulley wire drawing machine

Pulley type wire drawing machine is a kind of non-slip dry continuous wire drawing machine that can be integrated.

During the drawing process, the steel wire and the surface of the drum have no relative sliding along the circumference of the drum in the circumferential direction of the drum.

And the surface abrasion is relatively It is small, and when a certain reel is temporarily stopped in the middle, the reel behind it can still work for a period of time depending on the respective amount of wire.

This model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, and low manufacturing costs.

Water tank wire drawing machine

Water tank iron wire drawing machine has a heavy water tank and flips water tank. Suitable for drawing all kinds of medium and fine wire, especially suitable for drawing high, medium, and low carbon steel wire, galvanized iron wire, bead wire, hose steel wire, tungsten, molybdenum, titanium alloy wire, steel cord, and copper wire aluminum wire.

Working principle of binding wire drawing machine

The water tank-type wire drawing machine is small continuous production equipment composed of multiple drawing heads. By drawing step by step, the drawing head is placed in the water tank, and finally, the wire is drawn to the required size.

From the perspective of several domestic water tank wire drawing machine manufacturers, there are generally around 20 drawing heads. After passing through each stage of drawing, the wire diameter has changed, so the working linear speed of each drawing head should also change.

During the entire drawing process, only one motor is needed to drive it through mechanical transmission or gearbox. Depending on the configuration of the die, the drawing speed of each drawing head also changes.

The basis of the drawing speed is that the volume and volume of the wire passing through the die at each moment are not changed, that is, the following formula must be established
ΠD 2v1 = πd 2v2
D in the formula-the diameter of the incoming wire
V1——Line speed of incoming wire
D——diameter of outgoing wire
V2——Line speed of outgoing wire

The working speed of each drawing head of the water tank type iron wire drawing machine is based on the above formula to ensure that each drawing head runs synchronously.

Automatic binding wire drawing machine process:

Because the drawing process of the water-tank steel wire drawing machine is completely completed through the drawing of mechanical shafts, and these mechanical shafts are driven under the same main shaft, the entire drawing system depends on the speed difference of the drawing wheel and the tension on the line Control synchronization and coordination.

Cooling fluid is required to dissipate heat during work. The winding part is dragged by a small power motor. It is necessary to keep the tension on the line constant during winding. If this tension fluctuates, the winding on the winding I-wheel will be uneven.

The rewinding link of the water tank wire drawing machine is the core link in this equipment control system, which also directly affects the quality of the steel wire. For winding, there are usually several control methods:

  • The tension roller is used for adjustment. The tension during winding is ensured by the weight of the tension roller itself.
  • Torque control is adopted. The tension during winding is determined by the torque. However, the winding tension will be uneven due to the change in winding diameter.
  • For water tank binding wire drawing machines with high process requirements, the first control method is usually used, and the tension correction is controlled by the PID correction function of the inverter ACS510.

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