Coil nail making machine

We can offer Coil Nail Making Machine, which is years in nail making industry.

coil nail making machine Specifications:

Nails making machine under high work organization, product all are maturity. Lack of material in the system, missing nails, counting, cutting materials such as the automatic detection process, so the operation of the entire system is very accurate, reliable, stable quality and durability.

coil nail making machine from Amigo machinery
  • Nail Diameter: 1.8-4.5mm
  • Max Nail Length: 100mm
  • Speed: Max 2800 pcs/min
  • Product description: The coil nail welding machine, designed for coil nails from 25-160 mm, it can weld ring shank, screw shank or smooth coil nails.

Common Nails Making Machine

Z94-3c is popular for nails making purposes. This type can make from 40mm-80mm, which is in huge demand in the building material market. Z94-4C series is our newly designed product with many advantages.

  • NAIL MANUFACTURING MACHINE Very low noise, the noise will not let people feel uncomfortable .
  • wire nail making machine main parts(Shaft, Cam, Gear) are made of high grade steel with professional heat treatment to ensure nails machine have longer working life and less time maintenance.
  • Auto lubrication: just add the lubricant into the small oil tank, then the machine can lubricate machine parts automatically.
  • Bearing structure and longer lifetime.
  • Each wire nail making machine will supply related spare parts of nail mould ,nail knife and punch pin, ect .


Max. dia. of nail5.5mm4.5mm3.1mm2.8mm1.6mm
Min. dia. of nail3.8mm2.8 mm1.8 mm1.2 mm0.9 mm
Max. Length of nail150mm100mm75mm50mm25mm
Min. length of nail80mm50 mm30mm16mm9mm
Motor power5.5kw4kw2.2kw2.2kw0.8kw
Nail making speed220pcs/min260pcs/min320pcs/min350pcs/min450pcs/min
Weight2.2tons2tons1.5 tons1 ton750kg

Model Description: Amigo-100 can be done within 100mm nails long nails, other models are available.
Device Speed: 50 Long nails done in 2800 pcs / min or more, the greater the slower nails, the smaller the faster.
Welding speed: 3000 pcs / min, welding speed completely over the nail feed rate, does not appear old welder weld at high speed, Weld phenomenon.
Device power consumption: Average power consumption 3-5Kw, nail size with speed equipment, welding current, wire diameter, and other related.
Feeding car: if you need it, the price is USD 400 (including motor, electric control).

Process of Coil nails making machine

Put The common nails into vibration bowl plate, vibration plate from the nail will be scattered by the order entered by cutting the track wheel and two copper welding wire welded wire nails, rust and oil-soaked by automatic drying and counting mechanism automatically roll into a disk installed, according to the number of branches per volume setting automatically cut by the operator can be packaged into the box after finished with a rubber band fixed.

High Speed Coil Nail Making Machine

Max nail length100mm
Max speed3000
Monimal power20Kw
Working consumption5Kw
Feeder size800*800*1800mm
Feeding dipper800*1800*2300

Features of Coil nail making machine

Welding power as a core component of coil nail making machine, the device is equipped with adjustable 20000-40000 Hz frequency welding power source, due to the nature of the high-frequency welding, and every single nail welding waveform at least 10 complete, reliable guaranteed volumes tack welding quality, reduce the external adjustment requirements; while welding transformer using new nano-magnetic amorphous smaller, less heat loss, under the same working conditions welding saving more than 30%.


The whole process of nails production line: wire drawing — nails making —polish — nails packing

  • Wire drawing machine — to draw the 6.5mm/5.5mm wire diameter to the smaller wire size diameter to make nails as your required such as 4.1mm, 3.4mm, 3.1mm, 2.5mm etc. wire diameter
  • Automatic wire nail manufacturing machine — feed the drawn wire into nail making machine to make nails.
  • Polishing machine — to polish finished nails to remove the thron and dust and make nails more black and shiny.
  • wire nails Packaging— pack the nails in cartons or plastic bags, or kraft bag in 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg nails, etc.

Thick stainless steel to increase elbow structure, reduce under nails Caton phenomenon is more durable. Rail can be raised structure, easy to remove staples.

Equipment List: coil nail machine host, feeders, hopper, equipment comes round a nail mold Cheng (size can be customized), welding spare wheel, 94,115 counting wheel (typically 38mm long with 94,115 or less to do with nails ), 2 sets of nails round dial, two sets of coil nail heads and so on. Spare proximity switches, photoelectric switches, relays, and insurance.

Warranty terms : whole year warranty, welder two years warranty. (General manufacturers warranty is only half year).

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