wire nail making machine price

How about Wire nail making machine price in China and African? Gonna introduce Wire nail making machine cost for you.

The automatic feeding Point and head of the nail can be manufactured for one time. It has the features of high speed, high efficiency, and good continuity. Below is WIRE NAIL MAKING MACHINE PRICE

WIRE NAIL MAKING MACHINE PRICE_High-speed automatic Wire Nail Making Machines amigomachinery

This new type of machine adopts a plunger and oil pipe lubricating structure to ensure high working speed, low noise, and less impact. It has the features of advanced design, compact conformation, and an attractive appearance. It is easy and safe to operate. Besides that, we also can produce a pneumatic nail making machine, paper taped round head strip nail collator, and so on.

Price of wire nails making machine

Max length20 mm50 mm75 mm
Max wire diamter1.2 mm2.5 mm3.2 mm
speed450 pcs/min300 pcs/min280 pcs/min
Outside size(mm) 1350*950*1000 1650*1150*11001990*1200*1250
wire nail making machine price2000USD2700USD3400USD
Max.nail diameter4.0mm5.0mm7.0mm
nail length50–100mm100-150mm150-200mm
Outside size (mm)2280*1420*13302300*1450*15003510*1940*2015
wire nail making machine price5600USD7000USD8500USD

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Packaging & Shipping of nails making machine

The control box is a wooden case package, other small parts the bag package, the big parts is waterproof film package, if you need others we can do also

Service for nail making machine price

All of our machines we offer one year warranty, For the machine we offer video and manual for operation if need we can offer engineer overseas installs and training, all the charges and fees also the salary of the engineer will pay for by the buyer, technical support all machine life free, we can help you to WIRE NAIL MAKING MACHINE PRICE.

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