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Nail production

Common Nail Production

In nails making industry, we use Z94-4c nails making machine for nail production.

How to make Common iron wire Nails production

Common Nails are made from wire, through a special machine that cuts it into the desired shapes and sizes. The nails making machine comprises three main parts i.e. wire reel (wire drawing machine), actual nail making machine and nail washing machine.

So you simply roll the wire to the reel and then feed it to the nails making machine. You will collect your ready nails after they are taken through the nail washer.

You can adjust the settings of your nail maker so it produces desired size, shape and diameter of nails. Actually the whole process if much easier than it sounds. You may want to watch a few Youtube videos to get a hang of it. then, let’s check how to START IRON NAILS FACTORY for nail production?

Nail production machine specifications:

Modeldiameter of nailslength of nailsDesigned speedMotorDimensionWeight
Z94-4C (2)2.8-5mm50-120mm260pcs/min4KW2.3*1.6*1.3m2.1Tons

Related other machines for nails making machine

  • Wire drawing machine for different thickness nails making wire.
  • Welded machine for connecting two strands wire together.
  • Polishing machine for making iron wire nails more smooth, removing the rust and rags.
  • Grinding Machine for nail knives sharp and knife-edged, keen.
  • Nails mold for shaping nails types.
  • Punch pin for nails head.
  • Gripping Dies to hold nails wire.
  • Cutting dies to make diamond points, round shank,
  • Header dies to make chequered or plain heads.

Africa server center: Nail production

We have company in Afirca years, also making roofing nails, common nails, black annealed iron wire, galvanized binding wire, hexagonal wire meshbarbed wire, razor wire etc. Related nails making machine and wire making machine, also

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