wire nail polishing machine

We use a wire nail polishing machine to polish the common round iron wire nails. Then can make the nails shanks more shining and nail tips sharper, also the nail heads more smooth.


The nails are dirty with some oils when drop from the nails making machine automatically. Also, many clouds of dust in nails making plants. So we need a wire nail polishing machine to make common wire nails more shining.


  • Put the common nails in the polishing machine drums.
  • we need some sawdust/ wood powder/stive in the drums also.
  • then seal the cover plate, keeping rolling for 2 hours normally.
  • After 2 hours change the cover plate with holes, to make the powder washing out.
  • Meahwhile, add the wax with water in the polishing machine drums(WIRE NAILS POLISHING MACHINE).
  • Then keeep polishing for 2 hours again.
  • The last, take out of nails.


Motor Power3-4kw4.5-5.5kw5.5-7.5kw11-15kw
Overall Size164×90×100kw180x100x110cm200×150×140cm250x150x160cm


Wire nail manufacturing machine

We can supply you wire nail manufacturing machine. Years of mature experience can help you start your own business in a short time.

What is wire nail manufacturing machine?

TypeMotor powerLength of nailNail making speedNail DiameterWeightDimension
1C1.5KW9–25mm400-450 pcs/min0.9-1.6mm900KG1350*950*1000
2C2.2KW16-50mm260–350 pcs/min1.2-2.8mm1350KG1650*1150*1100
3C3KW30-75mm280–320 pcs/min1.8-3.4mm1600KG1990*1200*1250
4C4KW50-100mm220–280 pcs/min2.8-4.5mm2000KG2280*1420*1330
5C5.5KW80-150mm180–200 pcs/min3.7-5.5mm2500KG2380*1580*1660
6C11KW150-200mm160-180 pcs/min4.5-6.5mm5000KG3500*2200*1680

Feature of nails making machine

  • This High SpeedWIRE NAIL MANUFACTURING MACHINE retained basic design and simple operation.
  • All Lubrication parts are served by centralized automated cyclic lubrication system.
  • A new feeding system permits the use of large wire bundle and maintains close tolerance.
  • By optimization of moving parts, their guide, bearing wear has been reduced.
  • Balanced critical parts results low vibration & enhance life.
  • Harden ground wedge type die box for longer life and easy low cost refurbishing.
  • Round indexable Gripping dies with Eleven Grooves enabling eleven times longer life without any reprocessing.

More of nails making machine

  • Wire drawing machine for different thickness nails making wire.
  • Welded machine for connecting two strands wire together.
  • Polishing machine for making iron wire nails more smooth, removing the rust and rags.
  • Grinding Machine for nail knives sharp and knife-edged, keen.
  • Nails mold for shaping nails types.
  • Punch pin for nails head.
  • Gripping Dies to hold nails wire.
  • Cutting dies to make diamond points, round shank.
  • Header dies to make chequered or plain heads.

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