how to start iron nail business

When you read here, guess you want to know how to start iron nail making business? We are in China, can provide necessary support for you.

How to start iron nail business?

Do you know, how to start iron nail making business in Africa? Now let’s alk for details. Nail making business low investment but high profit. Suitable for small business, but have a good future to enlarge your own business.

Why we start iron nail making business in Africa?

In recent years, Africa’s rapid population growth, demand for housing and other infrastructure has increased exponentially. In Africa, the construction sector contributes to 7-10 percent of the country’s GDP. Whichever way you look at it, demand for construction and building materials products is on the rise and that is why we are talking about nail production as a business you can engage in.

The processing of nail making business

New Wire Rod→ Wire Drawing Machine→ Nails Making → Nails PolishingFinished Nails → Package

Video of nail making plant for Africa

Do you want to know that is nail making business profitable or how much the profit of nails making business? We need to know the nail manufacturing profit, then consider whether to invest in a nail making factory. And how many years/months can take back the investment? Now let’s do a nail-making business profit analysis then we can get the nail business profit overview.

Foto of iron nail making business

How is the iron wire nails making cost?

Wire nail manufacturing cost is not much, we have many clients in Africa & mid-East, started nail making factory own. Higher profit than import nails from China.

Can get the investment for nail making factory in a short 3/4 month. then following days, all is profit.

  1. buy a nail making machine USD3300/Set.
  2. get some nails making wire, USD530/Ton.
  3. workers and power USD20/Ton.
  4. Rent warehouse USD20/Day.
  5. Then spare parts: nail punch pin, nail cutter, nail mould. USD5/Ton.
  6. check market selling price, deduct the cost, only left nail making profit.

Why we choose nail making firstly?

After we start a small nail production facility, then we can supply different kinds of nails to market, like normal common iron wire nails, roofing nails, U-nails, and steel nails. As we talked, nail making business is a high profit, and we can find a partner with those producing corrugated roofing sheets to explore a wider market. Indeed, the opportunities are limitless, so the earlier the better to enter nail making industry.

Learn how to make common iron wire?

Common iron wire nails are made from Q195 low carbon iron wire rod, after wire drawing machine drawing, we can get the different thickness nails making wire. Then we feed the nails making wire through a special machine(nail making machine/wire cutter machine) that cuts wire into the desired shapes and sizes.

How to get raw materials for nail making plant?

The first foto is a Q195 steel wire rod, which imported to Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, etc. Q195 WIRE ROD USED AS RAW MATERIAL TO MAKE NAILS.

The second foto, nail making wire is the raw material for producing common iron nails. Generally, it’s recommended to go for the Q195 low carbon wire. This costs about FOB Tianjin USD500-550 per tonne.

  • Normally, you can buy from the local market or steel company.
  • If they can sell low carbon iron wire rod Q195,6.5mm/5.5mm. You can buy and use a wire drawing machine to draw to the thickness you need.
  • If better, you can get the thickness nails making wire you need.
  • And if local no wire rod and nails making wire, better import from China for any type of them.
  • What should import, depend on how is the quantity you want to produce daily output.
  • If quantity not much, you can just import nails making wire.
  • But if your quantity huge, better buy a wire drawing machine to draw for yourself using.
  • Then you can start a nail-making business to make nails.

Get the necessary nail making machine/producing line

The whole nail making plant comprises three main parts i.e. wire reel (wire drawing machine), actual nail making machine, and nail washing machine.

Wire drawing machine for nails making wire

Buy Z94-4c/3c/2c/1c automatic nail making machine

Nail manufacturing machine adopts a plunger-type structure to ensure its high working speed, low noise, and low impact characteristics. It has wide uses, simple operation, and reliable working condition. The raw material(nail making wire) can be waste scrap or a new wire rod. nails point and the nails head can be formed at one time with high efficiency. We need to buy Z94-4c and 3c nail making machine for making iron wire nails.

Specification of common iron wire nail making machine

Max. dia. of nail8.0mm5.5mm4.5mm3.5mm2.8mm1.6mm
Min. dia. of nail4.0mm3.8mm2.8 mm1.8 mm1.2 mm0.9 mm
Max. Length of nail200mm(7 inches)150mm(6inches)100mm(4inches)75mm(3inches)50mm(2inches)25mm(1inch)
Min. length of nail60mm(2.5inches)75mm(3inches)50 mm(2inches)25mm(1inch)16mm(0.6inches)9mm(0.36inches)
Motor power11kw5.5kw4kw3kw2.2kw1.5kw
Nail making speed130pcs/min190pcs/min250pcs/min310pcs/min350pcs/min560pcs/min
Weight4.8 tons1.9 tons1.6 tons1.05 tons0.78 tons0.5ton

So you simply roll the wire to the reel and then feed it to the nail making machine. You will collect your ready nails after they are taken through the nail washer. You can adjust the settings of your nail maker so it produces the desired size, shape, and diameter of nails. Actually the whole process if much easier than it sounds. You may want to watch a few Youtube videos to get a hang of it.

Rent a warehouse/nail making plant

Lease some land preferably in a place near a major town. Capital better, Like in Kenya, you can think of places like Kitengela, Mlolongo, Ruiru, and Athi River as perfect spots. Naivasha is also a nice place given its proximity to the Northern Corridor and the upcoming inland port. Other countries the same solution.

What is the recommended budget to start iron nail business?

The budget starts from as low as USD6000 -10,000. You can start with one set Z94-3c or Z94-4c automatic high-speed nail making machine. And buy some nail making wire which is USD530/550/ton. One month needs 20-25tons means usd13750 max. Total USD Usd20,000-25,000 enough.

How about the nail making business expected returns

A 50 Kilogram bag of nails goes for USD750. So one tonne of raw wire would give you back USD200. So if you manage to supply at least 50 hardware shops within your vicinity (and sell one 500Kg bag to them per month) you would achieve sales of at least USD5000 per month. A well-marketed nail production facility can rake in as much as USD60,000 per annum in sales revenue.

The good thing is that there are no limits to how many clients you can get. By simply using a couple of ingenious sales tactic you can easily attract a large number of recurrent clients.


  • Sharpening dies: this machine is to sharpen the head of steel wire before it is feed into the wire drawing machine, the principle of the drawing machine is that using different size of drawing dies, for example, to draw steel wire of 6.5 mm to 3.8 mm, we can use a drawing die of 3.8mm, sharpen the head of 6.5mm steel wire less than 3.8 mm first, then put the head into the die, then fix the head of the wire to the wire drawing machine, then start pulling. After the wire comes through the die, all the wire becomes the diameter of 3.8mm.
  • Nail knife grinder: because after 1-2 days cutting, the nail knife installed on the wire nail making machines will become blunt, then you can use the nail knife grinder to grind the nail knife to make it sharp again.
  • Gripping Dies: Machines are provided with round dies having 8 or 10 nail holding grooves
  • Cutting Die: For cutting nails and making point after the head & shank are formed Diamond, Chisel, Round, Long or Blunt shaped Points can be made by grinding the tools appropriately 
  • Header Dies: Used for forming a nailhead Chequered or Plain Heads can be formed with these dies
  • Nail Cutter and Die Grinder (supplied with a motor, Emery wheels and Pedestal Stand)
  • Optional Accessories: Additional sets of Tooling (Set of Gripping Dies, Cutting Tools, and Header Dies)
  • Standard Accessories: Electric Motor, Starter, Belts, One set of Tooling, Wire Stand and Hand Operated Lubricating Pump


  • Punch pin and nail Moulds.
  • Connecting welding machine: in case the wire breaks during drawing, you can use the butt welding machine to weld the broken wire together, then continue the drawing. without this machine, if the wire breaks, you need to sharpen the wire head again and do all things from the start.
  • Nail Polishing Drums (with a motor, starter, and belts)




Above is the related video of NAIL MAKING MACHINE IN CHINA. Now hope you already know how to operate these nail making machine and AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT. Above, we introduced some spare parts of nail making machine and how to start iron nails making business.

Final decision to start iron nail making business?

This decade will be a great opportunity for African clients. Any business if start first will get this whole market. Industries business will go a long way in helping a country like Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, etc, then we will realize it’s fullest manufacturing potential. Furthermore, it is an opportunity that is scalable and interesting to pursue.

But as usual, we leave it up to you to decide whether to take it up or not. If you have further questions about how to start iron nails making business, feel free to contact us pls.

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