Nail making machine

Common Nails making machine

Common nail making machine is popular for Africa. Importers and wholesalers started to buy machines and produce common nails, roofing nails. Not importing products from China.


  • Very low noise, the noise will not let people feel uncomfortable .
  • Nail making machine main parts(Shaft, Cam, Gear) are made of high grade steel with professional heat treatment to ensure nails machine have longer working life and less time maintenance.
  • Auto lubrication: just add the lubricant into the small oil tank, then the machine can lubricate machine parts automatically.
  • Bearing structure and longer lifetime.
  • Each nail making machine will supply related spare parts of nail mould ,nail knife and punch pin, ect .

Nail making machine: PROFIT Vs investment

Lets check out which is more better between buy products and buy nails making machine to produce in local?

  • Import with packing each ton About USD750/Ton.
  • Profit each ton about USD50USD/Ton.
  • One year 5 containers can import, means one year profit is USD6250/Ton.
  • Average to each month about USD550/month.

The profit is fixed and limited.

  • One Z94-4C type common nails making machine price is about USD6000/Set.
  • Raw materials is much cheaper than common nails.
  • For spareparts, workers salary, power, tax, warehouse, etc. Total about USD1000/Month.
  • So total about USD7000/12month, which means USD583/Month.
  • One ton nails profit is much higher, maybe over USD50-100/Ton.
  • Each day can produce 1tons, each day profit about 50USD/set.

Make a small investment to buy nail making machine and set up a common nails manufacture, then the profit will be triple, quadruple, even unbelievable.

Completely introduction for how to setup a nails making manufacture


Technical dataZ94-1CZ94-2CZ94-3CZ94-4CZ94-5CZ94-6C
Max Diameter1.6mm2.8mm3.4mm4.5mm5.5mm6.5mm
Min Diameter0.9mm1.2mm1.8mm2.8mm3.7mm4.5mm
Max Length25mm50mm75mm100mm150mm200mm
Min Length9mm16mm30mm50mm80mm100mm
Design capacity450pcs/min350pcs/min320pcs/min280pcs/min200pcs/min160pcs/min
Motor Power1.5kw2.2kw3kw4kw5.5kw11kw
Overall Dimension1.4*1*1.3m1.6*1.2*1.3m1.8*1.3*1.5m2.1*1.3*1.5m1.4*1.6*1.7m3.2*2.2*2.2m

Delivery quantity of nail making machine

  • Z94-4C, each container 20ft, can load with 4 pcs.
  • 1*20GP can load with 5/6 pcs for Z94-2C/3C types.

Africa server center:

We have company in Afirca years, also making roofing nails, common nails, black annealed iron wire, galvanized binding wire, hexagonal wire mesh, barbed wire, razor wire etc.

  • You can train your team in our Africa company.
  • Get necessary operation advice about nail making machine.
  • Learn our succeed experience.
  • Contact our Chinese master when you need anytime.

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