Firstly, BIG FLAT HEAD Clout nails

Electro zinc coating clout nails, which is a relatively short, thick nail with a large, flat head use for attaching sheet material to wooden frames or sheets. Typical application is fixing roofing felt to the top of a shed. Clouts are also work on timber fence palings. Raw material is mild steel, but copper clouts are also available.

Big head Clout nails, in North America others names: felt nails and roofing nails.

  • a short shank nail with an enlarged flat head,
  • Great for tacking materials to wood structures like roofing felt and skirting,
  • Rust resistant,
  • used to attach sheet metal to wood,
  • are one of the most commonly types of concrete nails.
galvanized clout nails

Clout roofing nails

galvanized clout nails_BEST
Felt roofing nail

Clout nails specifications:

  • Available lengths and sizes. diameter from 2.0mm to 3.75mm, length 20mm to 100mm.
  • Materials: low carbon steel, aluminum, copper, iron, and stainless steel.
  • Finish: Galvanized and Hot dipped galvnaized, as protective coating.
  • smooth shank, angular spiral twisted shank, Ring shank,

Secondly, Zinc coating Felt Nails

Fixing roofing felt with a large head to keep water out. Good Quality Pack of Galvanised Felt Roofing Nails. 13mm (1/2 inch) long, galvanised with a rustproof finish and overlarge head. One pack nails, enough for most repair jobs on sheds, summer houses, playhouses and similar applications.


  • Clout nails used for a wide variety of exterior and interior woodworking and building purposes, like furniture repair, cabinet making, fastening roof shingles, as well as box and crate construction. One common use for these nails is to fasten sheet metal to wood, for example when metal is used for siding or roofing.
  • nails are designed for fixing roofing sheets made of soft material, such as tar paper or roofing felts, cardboard and plywood. Flathead and a big hat helps to keep thin materials without damaging.

Available sizes:

Electro GalvanisedSemiSerrated
25mm          25mm          45mm
32mm          32mm           50mm
40mm          40mm           60mm
50mm           45mm 70mm